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Made some bad financial decisions in your life?

Blacklisted or bad credit score rating?

Continually turned down for loans?

Are you either turned down for a mobile phone contract or asked to pay an exorbitant deposit that you cannot afford?

Unfortunately, many of us suffer with financial difficulties and debt. Not all of us can manage our finances as well as others, and that can get us into trouble, especially when trying to secure any contracts further in our future.

Even something as simple as a mobile phone contract requires that you be financially stable – the provider needs to know that you can make your monthly payments and that you will not become a liability.

And let’s be honest, mobile phones are essential in today’s day and age and not just to contact your friends to organize a night out in the town. For example, you may be looking for a job. Once your curriculum vitae is setup, your mobile phone becomes your own mobile office, allowing you to send it to prospective employers and scan online job sites. Your phone can even help you find a potential employer's office using the GPS function should you be unsure of where it is and are late for an interview.

However, there is good news!

Even if you have had a few financial problems, have a bad credit record or may even be blacklisted, we have some brilliant news for you. Do you want a mobile phone on a contract? We can help!

We do not judge your past and any financial problems that you might have had. We understand that times can be tough and that things such as medical emergencies, the high cost of studies or even an unexpected bereavement can affect finances drastically. Let’s be honest, we have no control over things like this, yet they cost a fair amount of money.

We want to help you secure a mobile phone contract

We have searched far and wide for suppliers that have agreed to help us provide you with phone contracts for bad credit. You need a mobile phone, and we want to help you secure one no matter what your credit score.

Now at this point, you may have a few questions, or think this sounds all far too good to be true. Well, we assure you that our phone contracts for bad credit are some of the best you can find in the UK. Together with our suppliers, we give you access to a number of models of contract mobile phones. Of course, each particular case is different, and we take our time in securing the right deal for you. Without expertise, you can be sure that in next to no time, you will have a beautiful new smartphone in your hands.

So what are you waiting for?

Smartphone models galore!

Now, of course the phones that we offer are not the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and you can understand why. It would be difficult to secure these models for clients with bad credit records.

Don’t worry that does not mean we will not be able to provide you with an excellent model of smartphone and let’s be honest, the phones do not change that much from one model to the next – the manufacturers just bank on techno junkies wanting the latest models. The smartphone models we have secured for you are all types that are found in the midrange region. They can do everything that you need them today. Need to set up a Facebook profile – check. Want to be active on social media such as Twitter or Snapchat – check. Want to take amazing videos or photos – check. They can even play games such as Candy Crush, Clash of the Clans and Mobile Strike. Lastly, they can be used for instant messaging, phoning and texting.

So take advantage of these incredible contract deals – get yourself a smartphone and don’t be left out. Come and speak to one of our consultants and let us help you today. We will need a few things from you including your payslips as proof of income, a utility bill or account as a proof of your address and lastly a form of identification.

So don’t hesitate. Contact us and secure your smartphone today!