Finding the best bad credit mobile phones

No doubt, you have researched bad credit mobile phone deals in depth. Have you considered the following points before committing to a contract?

At Venture Phones, we believe that we can provide you with the perfect bad credit mobile phone at the right contract price. We also believe, however, that the more you do your homework, the more that you will agree that we are your best option.

For that reason, before jumping in to sign a deal, consider the following.


There are a number of companies providing bad credit mobile phone packages. Be sure you compare each and every one in great detail. More importantly, check how long they have been in operation as many fly-by-night companies do exist, and although they might offer a slightly cheaper contract option, in the long run, they may cost you. Other important factors to compare include the types of handsets offered, the coverage afforded on each contract and the exact monthly fee for each contract.


Make sure you look at phone tariffs in great detail. Pay particular attention to the cost of calls between the same networks, across networks, to landlines, text charges and last but certainly not least, data charges. If you can have a preconceived idea of how much voice, text, and data you will require each month, you stand a better chance of choosing the correct plan and not been left with wasted components, for example, having 100 texts left every month because you actually use instant messaging apps instead.

Read the fine print

Now our terms and conditions are there for all to see yet many bad credit mobile phone companies hide theirs at the end of pages and pages of confusing legal jargon. Be sure to read all the fine print, particularly the terms and conditions.

Fellow customers give honest opinions

Visit each potential provider’s website and read the reviews by customers. This is an excellent way to gauge if you should be dealing with a vendor or not. Alternatively, Google their name and do a little detective work before signing anything.

These four basic tips will go a long way to ensuring that you select the right bad credit mobile to provide for your needs and budget.